ESRA Academy. Sakai N. Sep 8, 2016; 138261; 0083 Topic: Thoracic Surgery - Analgesia after Thoracotomy - Cardiac Surgery- Vascular Surgery
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Dr. Norihiro Sakai
Dr. Norihiro Sakai

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Background and Aims:

Video assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) has been shown to be beneficial for patients because of better postoperative pulmonary function and shorter hospitalizations caused by less postoperative pain compared with thoracotomy. We retrospectively compared the postoperative pain relief with combined regional anesthesia (RA) with general anesthesia (GA) and GA alone in patients received VATs for spontaneous pneumothorax (SPT).


From January 2011 to November 2015, 190 patients from 15 to 39 years old underwent VATS for SPT. In this retrospective study, 95 patients (no-RA group) were provided GA alone, whereas 95 patients (RA group) received RA with GA. The demands of postoperative additional analgesics during 8 hours and 24 hours, inpatients pain score, duration of chest drainage, and postoperative vomiting were compared. We also analysed the same outcomes with patients received epidural (35 patients), thoracic paravertebral (22 patients) and intercostal nerve block (38 patients) in RA group.


Patients' base data were similar in both groups. The demands of postoperative additional analgesics at 8 hours and 24 hours and pain scores were statistically less in RA group compared with no-RA group. The duration of chest drainage were less in RA group (median 4 days)  than no-RA group (5 days). Postoperative vomiting was not different. In RA group, all outcomes were not statistically different among three treatment groups in RA groups.


RA decreased pain scores and the consumption of additional analgesics for SPT with VATS, and provided shoter continuous chest drainage. However, there were no difference in all outcomes among the different RA techniques.

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